WikiLeaks tease sets Twitter on fire


Wiki-leaks tease sets Twitter on fire

Twitter was set ablaze this morning after WikiLeaks made an early morning announcement. WikiLeaks proudly proclaimed that the year 2017 would be a “showdown”,which is quite a big declaration considering 2016 revealed evidence of corruption within the Democratic National Committee. Internal private emails between key members of the DNC showed that the Democratic Party would go to any lengths to win an election, including underhandedly obtaining debate questions ahead of time giving Hillary Clinton And advantage over Donald Trump. Democratic Party even took measures to ensure that Hillary Clinton was named the Democratic nominee over Bernie Sanders despite his strong and increasing support during the primary election.

WikiLeaks continues to deny that the source of their information comes from Russia or any other Russian entity.. The current administration as well as all 17 intelligence agencies repeatedly tell the public that it is Russia who is responsible for providing these emails to WikiLeaks for publication. Julian Assange, cofounder of WikiLeaks the humanly denies any Russian involvement. Despite repeatedly being accused of helping the Russians in their attempt to intervene in the 2016 presidential election.

Other critics believe that WikiLeaks also has Information that could be damaging to the Obama administration as well. Although there is a lot of public outcry against WikiLeaks for apparently releasing information that seems to support the Republican party and only seeks to damage the Democrat party, there seems to be an equal number of people that are grateful to WikiLeaks for exposing the corruption of our elected officials in Washington and are demanding answers, truth and correction of government. .
Emotions are running high as terrorism is on the ever increasing rise in frequency and
Severity. The world sits on the edge of it’s seat in anticipation of the next fall out. The days of a predictable future are gone. We are literally living in a time where our history is being determined one day at a time. If anything can be taken away from recent events, it would be that the people of the world have been awakened and have never before been more involved in world affairs, making every decision of every human being on the face of the earth never before, more crucial to the future of mankind.

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