Washington Journalism Needs a Chill Pill

Pathological Poking and Prodding of Trump shows no sign of remission.

Opinion By Angela McMillan

The MaddowBlog posted an article today by Steve Benen which spent the better part of the article outlining the governmental knowledge deficiencies of President Trump. Using various quotes of the President from a WSJ article where he acknowledges that there are some areas in which he was under-informed and that as he settles into his new role he is realizing that there are some areas where he underestimated their complexities.
Now, The article highlighting these comments, are reminiscent of that loud, irritating, drunken sore loser at the bar, desperately hurling insults like sharp metal darts at a cork board, praying that eventually one of them will hit the bullseye so he can then obnoxiously raise his beer high in the air and proclaim his inevitable albeit ill-won victory and declare the game Over! Benen, writing under his own presumptions and agenda seems suggestive that Trump voters are so ignorant and blind in their loyalty, that they blissfully ignore and dismiss the overblown and unrealistic campaign rhetoric. Is it possible that Trump supporters were actually able to see through all of that noise and fake news and actually extract a meaningful message and purpose? Would they still vote him into office if they felt that once Trump took office and now has the benefit of access to information unavailable to him previously as a private citizen? And given that information, knowing it might potentially alter his position on various issues, would they still stand behind him? IF you listened to the pre-election polls and the utter disbelief and shock that befell the losing side, you wouldn’t think so. It is these presumptions and misjudgments of the heart of Americans that once again, underscores the very reason Donald Trump sits in the oval office today.
Trump was not a politician, and like many private citizens of our Nation, he is unable to recite the US Consitution. IN fact, most Americans would be hard-pressed to name more than a handful of foreign leaders and their Title in that country. But naturally, the media in Washington sleep, eat, drink and crap all things Washington, believe the “hindrance to his success”, as Benen stated in his MSNBC online article, is attributed to Trumps “ignorance” and lack of governmental experience. I challenge anyone to take a poll of 1000 Americans outside of the political arena and ask them to list all 33 Constitutional amendments. I would venture to say most would find it hard to name the first 10. Why? Because outside of the pledge of allegiance that we all grew up reciting every morning before school, it simply has so little bearing on the everyday lives of most average American people. So, Yes, there is a lot to learn when someone who has never held a political position or served in the military, takes on the role of the as most powerful person in the world. But that learning curve does not equate to being incapable of successfully navigating the job at hand.
The point is, Trump is far from stupid. In fact, he is quite intelligent and Trump supporters know and recognize this. His supporters realize the enormity of his position and believe he is more than capable of learning and will learn quite rapidly, which is why there is not a poisoned, well-seasoned, career politician in the Oval Office. Americans wanted an outsider, non-politician who is intelligent and motivated to bring real and substantial change to Washington. America elected someone who had no one reaching into his pockets nor he into theirs. Trump took his position as President owing favors to no-one. Trump voters truly believe that underneath the pomp and circumstance upon which Trump campaigned, lies a real man, although flawed, as are we all, but a man genuinely interested in ensuring the long-term safety, growth and financial security of our nation and it’s citizens.
So, I say this in response to MSNBC. The real embarrassment is that Rachel Maddow, having apparently has embarked on a personal mission to forever undermine the President, along with the whiny liberal media following in close suit continues to pummel President Trump with their onslaught of Kindergarten-esque name-calling and grade-schoolyard-like bully tactics. The apparent inability and/or downright refusal to learn from their own long list of embarrassing mistakes and missteps of rapid-fire, inaccurate reporting. That in addition to having grossly misjudged the American People as was revealed on November 8th, 2016, the grasping at every straw is incredulous at its least. The bottom line is, President Trump, will continue leading the movement and as he has since the day he was elected, will tirelessly do all he can within his power to “Make America Great Again”. In the meantime, to all the cry-baby liberals and (ahem) “journalists” I say, Summer is on its way snowflakes and you can’t last much longer. Eventually, the heat will lead to your inevitable evaporation which is only a matter of time.

April 13th, 2017 by