Trump prompts Republicans to set priorities

In an in an uncharacteristically indirect manner, President-Elect Donald Trump suggested that Congress, “with all that they have to work on”, might set better priorities, rather than to concentrate on dismantling the independent ethics committee watchdog group. Trumps tweet saying that although they [OCE] as “unfair as they may be”, continues “tax reform and healthcare”were of “far greater importance”.
Within the hour Republicans withdrew their proposal in response to further criticism of its timing. Could this response from the GOP possibly signal that the incoming President has every intention to fulfill his campaign promise of “draining the swamp”? Possible that this is an indication that the government will not be left to run amuck.

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I am just your average American. Critical Care Registered Nurse. Mother and Doon to be Grandmother. Doing my part to help us educate ourselves and not fall for the false narratives being shoved at us.

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