The Real Truth

JANUARY 10, 2017


The was one major narrative that reverberated throughout America. The Russians hacked our elections in an attempt to help elect Donald Trump.

The Evidence

Throughout the election Wikileaks began to release confidential and private emails obtained from within the DNC and the Clinton campaign. These emails revealed to the American public evidence of collusion with the media, corruption within the party, evidence of paid protesters, racial bias, conspiracy to railroad other candidates and other various improprieties.  Hillary Clinton was the overall favored candidate despite a tarnished history regarding misrepresentation to the FBI and Congress, and other transgressions during her tenure as Secretary of State. It appeared that each time Donald Trump began to lose ground as yet another scandalous remark he made was made public Clinton pulled even further ahead in the polls. Each time Clinton gained an apparently insurmountable lead the release of more emails or a new revelation was made to the public.

These actions, interpreted by intelligence agencies as well as government on both sides of the aisle, made the assessment that there was a connection between the Russian, namely Putin attempts to undermine our election or at the very least influence the voters in favor of Donald Trump. Nearer the end of the election, the polls weighed heavily on Clinton as the likely winner of the election. James Comey, then makes a sudden and blindsiding announcement to Congress that new information had been discovered that warranted reopening the previously closed investigation of Hillary Clintons private email server, serving to take the focus off the latest Trump scandal with the Access Hollywood recording release. Hillary’s lead began to shrink drastically, yet was still favored in every mainstream media poll nationwide.

The Question

Undoubtedly, interference or unlawful hacking into any US system by a foreign entity is highly problematic and deserves harsh consequences. But one cant help but to wonder, Why on earth would Vladimir Putin want to help elect Donald Trump?

For eight years under the Obama administration, Putin has benefited from a less than disciplinary President. Putin had been getting away with murder, so to speak. Russian invasion of Crimea, the downed plane over the Ukraine, the see-saw with Assad and the Syrian conflict. among other things. Vladimir Putin openly and publicly mocked and laughed in the face of president Obama and made no secret of his disdain and utmost lack of respect for Hillary Clinton. Russian Television is known to constantly air material that portrays the united states as weak and without leadership. If Hillary Clinton were to have won the election, Vladimir Putin would likely have gone on to continue his tirade and enjoy at least four more years of unaccountability. Whereas, if Donald Trump were elected, this certainly would change the playing field as Donald Trump stood upon a no nonsense platform and made a showing of strength and determination to return the US to it’s rightfully Respected place as a world leader.  NOT in Putins best interests.

So, why is the intelligence agency and the current administration, who still has yet to give solid evidence and offers a highly confident assessment based on history, pushing the narrative that Russia wanted to elect Trump?


Putin didn’t want Trump elected after all. I contend that as all the polls reported that Hillary Clinton was basically a shoo-in for the presidency, and it was absurd to even consider that Americans would vote in Donald Trump, Putin, in his infinite wisdom, sought to undermine the presumed presidency of Clinton by revealing her weakness and corruption to the world.  In doing this and weakening her position, she would not have the respect of other world leaders, and America would further be taken down a peg, losing grip on our place as top dog, paving the way for Putin.

By waiting for Donald Trump to lose in the polls and for Hillary to widen the gap, it gave assurance that it would NOT be enough help Trump get elected, but enough to serve his purpose of hurting Clintons credibility.

Why do you suppose, all the criticism of America and out democratic system stopped almost simultaneously with the election of Donald Trump? Because Putin, wet his pants. The first to call and congratulate Trump and crawling so far up Trumps Rump that he couldn’t see daylight anymore. Of course he isn’t going to retaliate against obamas Sanctions, because he is fully aware that he dare not provoke a man who promised an arms war, (which Russia cannot afford) and firm, enforced policies.


Trump has Putin exactly where he wants him. General Mattis, poised to set the stage.  Take that in for a while.

No wonder the media and those on the left were so stunned and shocked at the loss of Hillary Clinton. So, was Putin! Their own back and forth game of cat and mouse backfired and while they were busy trying to cover their own butts and clean up behind themselves, they  couldn’t see what was happening. They believed their own narrative and spin. But America woke up. We started to pay more attention, the fog had been cleared, and Americans voted for Donald J. Trump.

January 10th, 2017 by