by Angela McMillan

The family of a 26-year-oldTexas woman who fell to her death under suspicious circumstances is demanding answers to what happened.

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by Angela McMillan

The process is a whole less overwhelming once you learn the ground rules. Source: Fox News Latest

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by Angela McMillan

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc and two smaller parties are pushing hard to reach an agreement on climate change and

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by Steve Kurtz

One of the glories of our democracy is the secret ballot. I wish more celebrities would take advantage of it.

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A priest who wasn’t allowed to preach instead turned his ears and heart to the needy. Source: Fox News Latest

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by Angela McMillan

An attorney for Senior Adviser to the President Jared Kushner said Friday that his client encouraged members of the Trump

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by Angela McMillan

Buzzy Cohen won the “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions presented by Consumer Cellular Friday. Source: Fox News Latest

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by Angela McMillan

Apple’s first-ever vice president of diversity is leaving the company at the end of the year, TechCrunch reports. Source: Fox

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by Angela McMillan

As tensions continue to escalate in East Asia, Japan is bolstering defense measures in response to what Prime Minister Shinzo

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by Lisa Fickenscher

Other companies have offered similar heel-to-flats shoes — but they don’t convert with just the press of a button. Source:

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