Media Busted Again!

Part of accurate reporting includes, that if you are going to quote someone in order to support your argument; One, make sure it is in context.And two, make sure the quote is correct.

Well Connor O’Brien, a writer for Politico, broke those rules when he published his article about Reince Priebus calling out the Media. In this article
O’Brien quoted Sean Spicer, who delivered a statement from the president to the press yesterday evening.
Connor wrote, “without taking questions, he said that ‘no one had numbers’ on an official attendance and Trump’s swearing in ‘was the biggest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.'”.
There is a very important detail missing from that quote. What Sean actually said was this:

“this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period; both in person and around the world”.

That last part of the sentence is the most substantive part of that statement which indicates that he was referring not just to the physical crowd sizes on National Mall, but to the people all over the world watching. This inauguration has in all likelihood, drawn more attention from all over the world than in previous years. This being, in large part, due to an easier accessibility of the internet and live streaming, as well as increased attention from foreign media. By leaving those words out the end of his sentence was misleading. Not unlike most of the media coverage of President Trump since the day he announced his candidacy. Sadly, it continues today and shows no sign of letting up.

By Angela McMillan

January 22nd, 2017 by