Media Panic Continues

No sooner did Sean Spicer deliver a Presidents statement to the press Saturday evening, than did the media almost immediately, take to the airwaves, the internet, and radio to do the exact opposite of what the newly sworn president just asked them to do.
The media is so obsessed with reporting every minute detail of President Trump’s life for the next four to eight years, that they are seemingly incapable of seeing the bigger picture.
The new press secretary minced no words as he delivered a very blunt and straightforward criticism of the tabloid nature of media reporting. Making note of a misguided framing of the crowd at the National Mall, the impulsive and inaccurate report of MLK’s Bust having been removed from the oval office. He continued to say that the media’s intentions were to “lessen the enthusiasm at the inauguration”‘ calling them “Reckless” and “shameful and wrong”.
Getting to the point of his statement, saying, aside from the welcoming at the CIA engagement, the fact that it was absent of a CIA director as a result of the democrats’ deliberate delay in confirming President Trumps Nominee, Mike Pompeo, was risking national security. “That is what you guys should be writing and covering” Spicer scolded.
Spicer emphasized his points by restating the main purpose of this impromptu gathering. He stated that the media, by “sowing division about tweets and false narratives” is making his[Trump’s]challenge of unifying the country, being his primary focus and goal, that much more difficult.
Before giving a few statements about upcoming scheduled meetings, the final strike of the hammer was when Spicer announced the president in no uncertain terms would “take his message directly to the people”.
Instead of taking a moment to reflect on those words, the statement was immediately torn apart on cable news. All that the media apparently heard was that the president was merely complaining about the media reporting that he didn’t have as big a crowd as Obama. A reporter, off-screen was heard yelling out a question as Spicer left the podium, not taking questions from the pool. A female voice was heard to say “ can’t say no one has the numbers and then say it was the largest audience ever”
Geraldo Rivera, panel guest on the foc News SHow “The Five” refuses to see the bigger picture. “was it or it not what I said about size?” he asks the panel.
The only person of “the Five” able to read between the lines was Eric Bolling.

“It’s a brave new world..he is saying, I’m are rewriting the script on everything in DC right up to the briefings” Geraldo tries to interrupt and talks over Eric saying, “My eleven year old could have given that briefing…and he would have read it with more feeling”. Eric continued his thought “’s nothing to do with the content and what Sean just said, than the delivery the timing of what to expect going forward the next four years”.

I would bet dollars to donuts, if reporting focused more on policy issues and facts, they would regain the trust of our new president and he [Trump}wouldn’t feel it necessary to circumvent them by tweeting what he wants the people to know. If everyone would just reign in their pride, egos, and judgments for even a little while, focus on substantive issues, we may just be to realize that we are truly all on the same side…America’s side. And In the end, that’s all that really matters most.

Video Courtesy of Fox News Channel

January 22nd, 2017 by