Drug Epidemic-Dealers High on their Own Supply

There is an epidemic that shows no signs of going away anytime soon. The worst element of this drug is that it is absolutely free and it is being given away by dealers in massive quantities. Users and dealers alike, cannot get enough of it and there appears to be an endless supply.

This drug has a name; it is called the “false narrative”.

The media continues to do everything within their power to delegitimize, undermine, criticize and feed the public their own biased narratives that do nothing but poison public opinion.

The Washington Post published an Op-Ed today that not only suggests that the Trump Presidency is likely headed for catastrophic failure,

[Trump starts off in an incredibly weak position. And this new polling suggests it might get worse.] “

but they also report, that according to new Post-ABC News poll results, the voting public is in large agreement.

President-Elect Trump has not yet taken his oath. Yet, his performance and approval ratings are already being measured. By what standards and by which reporting demographics? This should be regarded as highly suspicious. It would behoove the public to be aware that this “poll” sampled a mere 1005 respondents, which represents approximately .00078% of the voters that voted in 2016 Presidential election.

One more important note is that of the unfavorable responses, there is a high disproportion between the Urban Liberal voters and Rural/Suburban Conservative Voters that responded unfavorably. This poll has absolutely no statistical significance in representing the true opinion of the public based on their representative sampling.

January 17th, 2017 by