Dear America

Dear America

My name is Angela McMillan. I am a private citizen and non-media affiliated. I am a 44 year old, bi-racial, college educated woman and one of the 60.1 million americans that voted for and elected Donald J Trump as our 45th American President.

I am writing this letter for several purposes. One is to perhaps shed some light and help to shed some light and relieve some of the shock and bewilderment of those who did not support Mr Trump. Another is to plead with those same people to take a moment and reflect on why and how this election is being referred to as the greatest political phenomenon of our lifetime. Finally, to show how this has created a renewed or even newfound faith and love for our democratic process.

I cannot speak for everyone, nor am I arrogant enough to say that anyone should feel or think as I do; I only want to impart to you my side of the story.

I was born and raised in a very poor, not always safe, neighborhood in the city of Chicago. My family was poor and for a large part of my childhood dependent on public assistance. My
(white )mother, having only a GED, and three young children had few job options. However, both my Mother and (Mexican-american)Step-father were extremely active in the local political community. They worked and the Uptown Coalition advocating for the underserved and disadvantaged people of the community. I remember even as a young girl, “canning” or collecting donations to help support the campaign for Harold Washington, who became Chicago’s first black Mayor, who was elected the year after Mayor Jane Byrne was boycotted at the cities largest summer festival costing her millions of lost revenue in protest of her questionable hiring practices. I was raised in a highly democratic atmosphere. And honestly, adopted many of the values the democrat party holds. Yet, as I grew older and watched the world around me, i quickly lost that innocent blind faith in our political system. I felt that my voice was lost amongst millions of others and that no matter how loud we shouted no one heard nor responded to the needs of growing concerns of the people. Politicians seem to become more and more inaccessible and limited to the wealthier population.

I had my first child when I was 23. and having only a high school education, it was a struggle. I made a decision to take my future into my own hands. I decided to go back to school and earn a degree. I worked Full time nightshift and weekends whilst attending school full-time during the week. I earned my nursing degree and began my career with a bright future ahead of me. As a registered nurse, I earned a fairly decent wage once I had a couple years of experience under

my belt. yet year after year, i found myself having to work harder and harder. Longer hours and spending more and more time away from my family. This did not seem right. Despite my advancements in my career and impressive resume, i was facing fewer opportunities and a stagnant quality of life. I stopped again to take a look around noticing that there was a huge increase in foreign nurses being hired into the hospitals often for lower wages. Healthcare costs were on the rise and I found it harder to provide quality comprehensive care to my patients due to budget restrictions in the departments.

My husband at the time, had over 25 years of experience as a driller. Yet when the economy crashed in 2008 and building came to a screeching halt, he lost his earning capabilities as well. Suddenly, along came Barack Obama carrying a message of hope and change. Desperate for change and growth, the country elected him President of the United States. In 2012, there was a slight improvement in the economy, but not near enough to make a difference for the middle class I used to belong to . Yet, giving him the benefit of the doubt, given the huge challenges he inherited after the Bush administration, we gave him re-election.

This brings us now to 2016, the american people have had enough. Tired of being lied to, broken promises and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel are faced with a big decision. Whom do we elect our new president. On one hand, we have Hillary Clinton, the modern day Jackie O’. She heralds a 30 year political career serving in various areas of government. She present herself as a role-model for women and women rights and defender of civil liberties. But her record is marred by questionable ethics, uncertain policy convictions, an aura of inaccessibility to the average joe and a seemingly insincere appeal to her would be voters.

Our alternative, a billionaire celebrity businessman with no political experience nor military service. A man who, granted, has a history of some unacceptable behavior that offends many. He presents himself as the answer to Americas problem which caught everyones attention. He made some very blunt statements and proposals that offended many, but we were all still listening. He was loud and in our living room almost every night. He repeatedly reminded us of the problems we face every single day in our lives and said he was going to change it. This man who could be sitting back in his plush penthouse and lavish lifestyle and just watch the world implode and be scarcely affected. But he chose to put his life on hold, subject himself and his family to severe public scrutiny. He vowed to be self funded thereby rendering him free to do as he chooses answering to only himself. He withstood a biased presentation by the media. He withstood viscid vile attacks not only from the pundits, but from the public, the media, his opponents and even the sitting President. Despite all of this he stood by his message of bringing jobs back, securing our borders, fixing the healthcare system, and renegotiating trade deals to benefit America.

The difference between the two candidates we believe him and due to documented proof of dishonesty, cannot believe her.  Pres. Elect Trump was laughed at and disregarded and an insincere candidate. Mocked openly by the media and other politicians and public figures. Clinton referred to his supporters as “deplorable” and had the audacity to take for granted that she had the election already won. Going on the assumption that the surge in latino voters were HER supporters. Assuming that Bernie Sanders, given the alternative, would then also jump on her side. And when she saw that she wasn’t getting the support from black and minority voters that she was expecting thought that holding concerts with performers such as Jay-Z and Beyonce would appeal to that demographic and thereby motivate them to get out and vote for her. Not only was that in and of itself offensive, it was incorrect and tantamount to bribery. Many young black voters saw right through it. Then to empty what was the most despicable ploy and may what have been her final downfall was to have the sitting president not only get out to endorse her, but to actively campaign for her and stand alongside her to echo her attacks and name-calling against Donald Trump.

What was quickly learned was that Donald Trump, his supporters, his campaign and he is message were severely under-estimated. Everyone was being told Trump had little to no chance and that the election was over before anyone even voted. Well that just gave us more fuel for the fire. We are not stupid and we hold just as much value as anyone in this country and we deserve a say-so. We understand and are not blind to Pres. Elect Trump and his character flaws and challenges he faces ahead. But, we are also aware of his potential for success and his sincere promise to help ALL AMERICANS reach their potentials as well.

THAT is the reason we elected Donald J Trump is our next president.

God Bless America Angela C. McMIllan

December 30th, 2016 by