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April 14th, 2017 by Angela McMillan

This is an actual letter written to United Airlines after being allegedly discriminated against as a disable passenger on March 21 and March 23, 2017. Flights ATL-ORD and ORD-ATL. No one has yet to reach out regarding this matter. Yet the headlines have been full of similar issues ever since this happened! United was fined 2.75 million dollars in 2016 for issues surrounding passengers with disabilities as well as other instances of abuse of power. United must not be allowed to operate with impunity an longer. The writer of this letter can be contacted by writing to for liaison and to protect the writers privacy.

To whom it may concern,

On a United Airlines flight I was discriminated against based on my disability as follows. On a Domestic flight ATL-ORD. I am disabled and require oxygen during flight, I also have an implanted medicine delivery device and require to carry extra emergency medications and supplies. On the outbound flight to Chicago, I was assisted to the plane door by wheelchair, it was at this time that I was told I would not be able to bring my carry-on bag aboard as it would not fit. I explained that it contained my emergency supplies and medications. the Flight crew insisted that I gate-check the bag. They basically said I had no other choice, so I complied. Once I arrived in my seat. (7C) I noticed the woman in 7B had a bag three times the size of my (airline approved size) carry-on. There was approx.3ft of floor space in front of me and a very wide and empty and available space for my carry-on underneath the seat in front of me. I asked the flight attendant to please retrieve my carry-on that was just handed off to the porter at the door so I could have my medications and supplies. She said she would go get them. As they continued boarding the plane, approximately 10 minutes passed and the Pilot approached my seat. He asked about my request. He then explained that in order to retrieve the bag, it would cause delay as it might require unloading other baggage. I explained again why I needed it and that it was checked despite my objections and there was ample room for stowing it in front of my seat and that another passenger was allowed to carry on oversized baggage. He then asked if I would require my medications during the flight. I said “I don’t know it is for emergencies , I hope not” he said “i need a yes or no” I gave the same answer. He then said, “If you tell me that you need your medication from your bag, I cannot allow you to remain in this flight, because I will not unload all the baggage just to find yours.” I told him it was one of the last to be loaded, bright pink and easy to find. Again insisting on me giving a yes or no answer I felt I had No option but to say I didn’t need them to avoid being forced to Deplane. He then walked over to the door and told the porter, “Never mind, it’s ok, she said she doesn’t need it”
On the return flight, after missing my 12:30 flight because wheelchair assistance took 45 minutes to arrive when I checked in, I had to take the next flight at 2:30p. I was not allowed to pre-board and had to sit in a wheelchair at the gate and wait while everyone else boarded first even though I requested to board , this violating FAA Rule

§382.93   Must carriers offer preboarding to passengers with a disability?As a carrier, you must offer preboarding to passengers with a disability who self-identify at the gate as needing additional time or assistance to board, stow accessibility equipment, or be seated.

Once I boarded the plane and sat in row 9C. My carry-on placed in overhead bin. Mid- boarding I was approached by the Flight attendant who stated that I had to move to a window seat because I was carrying a portable oxygen concentrator and that FAA requirements state that I have to be seated by the window. The POC is airline approved and no bigger than my purse. I further explained that I have never been required to sit in a window seat and that my disability requires I sit in the aisle for various reasons. He walked away. He returned a few minutes later. He went to the pilot and asked that we return to the gate. This time both the pilot and Flight attendant were insisting I switch seats because my oxygen tubing Might block aisle access. I offered to move the machine to where it sat beside me in the seat or directly under my seat and able to be secured with the seatbelt. per FAA regulations as follows

§135.91   Oxygen and portable oxygen concentrators for medical use by passengers.
(i) Exit seats. No person operating a portable oxygen concentrator is permitted to occupy an exit seat.
(ii) Stowage of device. During movement on the surface, takeoff and landing, the device must be stowed under the seat in front of the user, or in another approved stowage location so that it does not block the aisle way or the entryway to the row. If the device is to be operated by the user, it must be operated only at a seat location that does not restrict any passenger’s access to, or use of, any required emergency or regular exit, or the aisle(s) in the passenger compartment.

I explained again why my condition requires the aisle seat that I was assigned and I was again refused. By this time I am in tears. I stated that this was discriminatory as I was disabled and required an aisle seat and that since this was not an FAA requirement I fell well within my right to refuse. Again I explained my needs and how I complied the airlines policies, my POC is airline approved, I gave notice 48hrs ahead of time, I possessed medical documentation from my physician that Stated I could safely complete travel, and my seat request was never an issue before as I ALWAYS sit in the aisle seat. I fly 3-4 times/year. When I mentioned taking legal action for discriminatory actions against a disabled person by the airline I was the told I had to leave the plane. I was humiliated in front of all l the passengers, I was in tears and crying, they continued to insist I get off the plane and I was forcibly removed from the flight and rebooked on the 5:30 flight. A side note, another woman was also asked to deplane when the flight attendant overheard her mention to another passenger that she had surgery three days prior. Even though this woman, far more physically capable than I, was able to board without assistance, she appeared to be in no distress and was smiling and laughing until they asked her to deplane.
2.5 Hours later, I boarded my next flight without incident. I had my carry on, my POC AND I sat in the aisle. No one ever questioned me or even remarked about my equipment. However, despite the fact I carried extra batteries, I ran ut of oxygen midflight due to the multiple delays. I suffered mild chest pains and required extra medications upon landing. I was in some respirator distress when we landed. I was able to recover when I plugged the machine in an outlet. I arrived in ATL 7hours later than originally scheduled and still had to drive 3hrs home in the dark. My daughter was on the phone with me during the entire incident in Atlanta and can testify that I was severely distressed at my treatment. They gave no valid basis for removing me except that based on my disability I was too much trouble.

Additional FAA Rules
Subpart B—Nondiscrimination and Access to Services and Information
§382.11   What is the general nondiscrimination requirement of this part?
(a) As a carrier, you must not do any of the following things, either directly or through a contractual, licensing, or other arrangement:
(1) You must not discriminate against any qualified individual with a disability, by reason of such disability, in the provision of air transportation;
(2) You must not require a qualified individual with a disability to accept special services (including, but not limited to, preboarding) that the individual does not request. However, you may require preboarding as a condition of receiving certain seating or in-cabin stowage accommodations, as specified in §§382.83(c), 382.85(b), and 382.123(a) of this part.
(3) You must not exclude a qualified individual with a disability from or deny the person the benefit of any air transportation or related services that are available to other persons, except where specifically permitted by this Part. This is true even if there are separate or different services available for individuals with a disability, except when specifically permitted by another section of this Part; and
(4) You must not take any adverse action against an individual (e.g., refusing to provide transportation) because the individual asserts, on his or her own behalf or through or on behalf of others, rights protected by this part or the Air Carrier Access Act.
(d) If you refuse to provide transportation to a passenger on his or her originally-scheduled flight on a basis relating to the individual’s disability, you must provide to the person a written statement of the reason for the refusal. This statement must include the specific basis for the carrier’s opinion that the refusal meets the standards of paragraph (c) of this section or is otherwise specifically permitted by this part. You must provide this written statement to the person within 10 calendar days of the refusal of transportation.

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April 13th, 2017 by Angela McMillan

Pathological Poking and Prodding of Trump shows no sign of remission.

Opinion By Angela McMillan

The MaddowBlog posted an article today by Steve Benen which spent the better part of the article outlining the governmental knowledge deficiencies of President Trump. Using various quotes of the President from a WSJ article where he acknowledges that there are some areas in which he was under-informed and that as he settles into his new role he is realizing that there are some areas where he underestimated their complexities.
Now, The article highlighting these comments, are reminiscent of that loud, irritating, drunken sore loser at the bar, desperately hurling insults like sharp metal darts at a cork board, praying that eventually one of them will hit the bullseye so he can then obnoxiously raise his beer high in the air and proclaim his inevitable albeit ill-won victory and declare the game Over! Benen, writing under his own presumptions and agenda seems suggestive that Trump voters are so ignorant and blind in their loyalty, that they blissfully ignore and dismiss the overblown and unrealistic campaign rhetoric. Is it possible that Trump supporters were actually able to see through all of that noise and fake news and actually extract a meaningful message and purpose? Would they still vote him into office if they felt that once Trump took office and now has the benefit of access to information unavailable to him previously as a private citizen? And given that information, knowing it might potentially alter his position on various issues, would they still stand behind him? IF you listened to the pre-election polls and the utter disbelief and shock that befell the losing side, you wouldn’t think so. It is these presumptions and misjudgments of the heart of Americans that once again, underscores the very reason Donald Trump sits in the oval office today.
Trump was not a politician, and like many private citizens of our Nation, he is unable to recite the US Consitution. IN fact, most Americans would be hard-pressed to name more than a handful of foreign leaders and their Title in that country. But naturally, the media in Washington sleep, eat, drink and crap all things Washington, believe the “hindrance to his success”, as Benen stated in his MSNBC online article, is attributed to Trumps “ignorance” and lack of governmental experience. I challenge anyone to take a poll of 1000 Americans outside of the political arena and ask them to list all 33 Constitutional amendments. I would venture to say most would find it hard to name the first 10. Why? Because outside of the pledge of allegiance that we all grew up reciting every morning before school, it simply has so little bearing on the everyday lives of most average American people. So, Yes, there is a lot to learn when someone who has never held a political position or served in the military, takes on the role of the as most powerful person in the world. But that learning curve does not equate to being incapable of successfully navigating the job at hand.
The point is, Trump is far from stupid. In fact, he is quite intelligent and Trump supporters know and recognize this. His supporters realize the enormity of his position and believe he is more than capable of learning and will learn quite rapidly, which is why there is not a poisoned, well-seasoned, career politician in the Oval Office. Americans wanted an outsider, non-politician who is intelligent and motivated to bring real and substantial change to Washington. America elected someone who had no one reaching into his pockets nor he into theirs. Trump took his position as President owing favors to no-one. Trump voters truly believe that underneath the pomp and circumstance upon which Trump campaigned, lies a real man, although flawed, as are we all, but a man genuinely interested in ensuring the long-term safety, growth and financial security of our nation and it’s citizens.
So, I say this in response to MSNBC. The real embarrassment is that Rachel Maddow, having apparently has embarked on a personal mission to forever undermine the President, along with the whiny liberal media following in close suit continues to pummel President Trump with their onslaught of Kindergarten-esque name-calling and grade-schoolyard-like bully tactics. The apparent inability and/or downright refusal to learn from their own long list of embarrassing mistakes and missteps of rapid-fire, inaccurate reporting. That in addition to having grossly misjudged the American People as was revealed on November 8th, 2016, the grasping at every straw is incredulous at its least. The bottom line is, President Trump, will continue leading the movement and as he has since the day he was elected, will tirelessly do all he can within his power to “Make America Great Again”. In the meantime, to all the cry-baby liberals and (ahem) “journalists” I say, Summer is on its way snowflakes and you can’t last much longer. Eventually, the heat will lead to your inevitable evaporation which is only a matter of time.

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January 22nd, 2017 by Angela McMillan

No sooner did Sean Spicer deliver a Presidents statement to the press Saturday evening, than did the media almost immediately, take to the airwaves, the internet, and radio to do the exact opposite of what the newly sworn president just asked them to do.
The media is so obsessed with reporting every minute detail of President Trump’s life for the next four to eight years, that they are seemingly incapable of seeing the bigger picture.
The new press secretary minced no words as he delivered a very blunt and straightforward criticism of the tabloid nature of media reporting. Making note of a misguided framing of the crowd at the National Mall, the impulsive and inaccurate report of MLK’s Bust having been removed from the oval office. He continued to say that the media’s intentions were to “lessen the enthusiasm at the inauguration”‘ calling them “Reckless” and “shameful and wrong”.
Getting to the point of his statement, saying, aside from the welcoming at the CIA engagement, the fact that it was absent of a CIA director as a result of the democrats’ deliberate delay in confirming President Trumps Nominee, Mike Pompeo, was risking national security. “That is what you guys should be writing and covering” Spicer scolded.
Spicer emphasized his points by restating the main purpose of this impromptu gathering. He stated that the media, by “sowing division about tweets and false narratives” is making his[Trump’s]challenge of unifying the country, being his primary focus and goal, that much more difficult.
Before giving a few statements about upcoming scheduled meetings, the final strike of the hammer was when Spicer announced the president in no uncertain terms would “take his message directly to the people”.
Instead of taking a moment to reflect on those words, the statement was immediately torn apart on cable news. All that the media apparently heard was that the president was merely complaining about the media reporting that he didn’t have as big a crowd as Obama. A reporter, off-screen was heard yelling out a question as Spicer left the podium, not taking questions from the pool. A female voice was heard to say “ can’t say no one has the numbers and then say it was the largest audience ever”
Geraldo Rivera, panel guest on the foc News SHow “The Five” refuses to see the bigger picture. “was it or it not what I said about size?” he asks the panel.
The only person of “the Five” able to read between the lines was Eric Bolling.

“It’s a brave new world..he is saying, I’m are rewriting the script on everything in DC right up to the briefings” Geraldo tries to interrupt and talks over Eric saying, “My eleven year old could have given that briefing…and he would have read it with more feeling”. Eric continued his thought “’s nothing to do with the content and what Sean just said, than the delivery the timing of what to expect going forward the next four years”.

I would bet dollars to donuts, if reporting focused more on policy issues and facts, they would regain the trust of our new president and he [Trump}wouldn’t feel it necessary to circumvent them by tweeting what he wants the people to know. If everyone would just reign in their pride, egos, and judgments for even a little while, focus on substantive issues, we may just be to realize that we are truly all on the same side…America’s side. And In the end, that’s all that really matters most.

Video Courtesy of Fox News Channel

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January 19th, 2017 by Angela McMillan

“Just the facts ma’am, just the facts”. If you ask just about anyone, most would claim that is a famous quote from Dragnet by the fictional character Joe Friday. It would be unlikely that anyone would argue the validity of that citation. The actual truth is, Joe Friday never said those words. Stan Freborg actually produced an album parodying Dragnet. The character from that work paraphrased the actual quote which was, “All we know are the facts, ma’am”. This seems to be the running theme amongst writers, where actual facts are just a minute detail. So, writers these as long as the author does not claim the title of “Journalist”, the citation, and dissemination of wildly ambiguous information to support their opinion pieces are acceptable. This practice is the very definition of propaganda and public generated propaganda is certainly in no short supply.
Alex Mohajer, a Huffington Post contributor published an article titled The Legitimate President arguing the legitimate election of Donald J. Trump. The broken record argument that “Russia hacked the election”, continues to circulate and remains the centerpiece of most arguments opposing the election results. Mohajer resorts to an outrageous claims insinuating that the Russian government has been wooing and “grooming” President-Elect Trump as early on as 1987, citing articles written in the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), a controversial publication that has also drawn parallel comparison to Hitlers T4 Program claiming that EIR Was First To Expose Truth of Obamacare’s Nazi Features and also Bashed Queen Elizabeth II in an article titled George Soros: the Queen’s drug pusher.
Although there are many legitimate articles with reputable sources of information cited as was in one of many articles regarding the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 and the violation of the Obama administration and US State department knowingly and illegally supplying weapons to Libya in violation of the Arms embargo. The EIR has a questionable level of credibility.
Apparently, if you do enough research and with the help of Google and Wikipedia, the likelihood that someone will find enough information, accurate or not, to support their own narrative and publish their own propaganda. Unfortunately, this approach to keeping ourselves informed and working to unite our nation by way of dealing with fact rather than fiction will prove to just the opposite.

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January 19th, 2017 by Angela McMillan

Congressional confirmation hearings continued today on Capitol Hill and President-Elect Trump’s cabinet picks continue to be pelted by oppositional questioning from Democratic Senators. Dr. Thomas Price, nominated for Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary face-off against Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Patty Murray (D-GA). Read more of this article »

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January 17th, 2017 by Angela McMillan

There is an epidemic that shows no signs of going away anytime soon. The worst element of this drug is that it is absolutely free and it is being given away by dealers in massive quantities. Users and dealers alike, cannot get enough of it and there appears to be an endless supply.

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January 17th, 2017 by Angela McMillan

Hope LIVES! Inspiration Has Many Forms

For many months long before the election of Donald Trump, the tone of our nation was one of dismay and doom.  Almost daily there were reports of death and destruction abroad and on our very own sovereign soil. Terrorist Bombings, Terrorist attacking randomly with guns, knives and motor vehicles, Police shooting and being shot, riots, public protests and demonstrations nationwide. These are the thoughts and images that Americans are taking to bed with them each night.

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January 14th, 2017 by Angela McMillan

Source: Fox News Latest

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