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See what your favorite celebrities look like before they hit the makeup chair… and after. Source: Fox News Latest

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Rocker Marilyn Manson’s concert in New York City was abruptly ended Saturday night after he was struck by a stage

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A husband and wife from California who survived the mass shooting at a Las Vegas country music festival have since

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Kim Jong Un took a break from lambasting the U.S. and President Trump during the weekend to visit a cosmetics

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A pregnant woman in Oregon was injured Sunday after she was dragged and run over by her own vehicle, police

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As reports alleging sexual abuse across various industries “Star Trek: Discovery” actor Anthony Rapp came forward Sunday alleging that actor

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Jimmy Kimmel intends to deliver some sly wisecracks about disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein when he hosts next year’s Oscars

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A historic Virginia church is relocating two plaques in its sanctuary honoring George Washington and Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee,

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A Marine Corps drill instructor is scheduled to face court-martial over charges he abused two Muslim recruits, one of whom

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Authorities say a fire that was deliberately set has claimed the life of a third child in Pennsylvania. Source: Fox

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