What do YOU expect from Trump

January 12, 2017

Trump is going into the white house with a mandate as deep as the grand canyon.

By Angela McMillan

Donald J Trump ran a vigorous campaign with many controversial issues that has the country at odds on both sides of the political table. Trump was able to create a movement that gained the support of over 62 million Americans that expect him to deliver on every single campaign promise.

There are some on the left that are leaning back with their arms crossed, laughing to themselves as if to say “Yeah, right! That will never happen”. Well, just as with the election, they are going to be disappointed that they got it wrong, AGAIN! The difference, however, will be that when Trump fulfills his promises, they will not be able to ignore the positive impact it will have on our country, our lives and our future as a nation.

The expectations list is simple. Americans voted for better, more affordable, practical and reasonable healthcare coverage. The voters also voted for the ability to be able to walk outside, go to church, take a plane trip, attend a sporting event and send our children to school and not live in fear of the possibility that a radical Islamic Terrorist will attack with a knife, bomb or gun killing everyone they can before being killed or killing themselves.

America voted for the opportunity to start their own business and not be encumbered by mountainous regulations that can be so daunting they give up. And others voted just for the chance to make an honest and decent wage near their home and not face a desolate and empty local industry lost to foreign countries.

America voted that we once again become self-sustaining. Voting for foreign trade to be fair and equitable primarily in favor of the United States. We expect that any trade agreements made remove the current restrictions that burden our native corporations that has thus far been growth limiting.

America voted for our military to be properly funded, staffed and trained and to provide the proper respect and treatment of our veterans for their selfless service to our country. Additionally, that our military be used to protect and defend the United States, offering support to our allies when necessary but that the expense and supply not be the sole burden of the United States.

To put it all so very simply, is this. America voted for our elected officials to look back on our constitution and remember the core values under which our nation was formed. Restore those values of life, liberty and justice for all men (and women). To restore the power of the government to the people It is the expectation that those whom have been elected by the people, truly act as the voice of the people by listening and interacting directly with those that entrusted them to do so.

If all of these things are accomplished, I dare say, that this country will become GREAT AGAIN, thus restoring our glorious  nation as the leading example to world of true Democracy, Unity and Freedom for all.



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