Media Busted Again!

Part of accurate reporting includes, that if you are going to quote someone in order to support your argument; One, make sure it is in […]

Media Panic Continues

No sooner did Sean Spicer deliver a Presidents statement to the press Saturday evening, than did the media almost immediately, take to the airwaves, the […]

“Just the Facts Ma’am”

“Just the facts ma’am, just the facts”. If you ask just about anyone, most would claim that is a famous quote from Dragnet by the […]

Congressional Hearing or Firing Squad?

Congressional confirmation hearings continued today on Capitol Hill and President-Elect Trump’s cabinet picks continue to be pelted by oppositional questioning from Democratic Senators. Dr. Thomas […]


Hope LIVES! Inspiration Has Many Forms For many months long before the election of Donald Trump, the tone of our nation was one of dismay […]

  January 15, 2017 The Real Threat to Democracy. By Angela McMillan If we have learned anything in the past several years, it should be […]